Are You All Over the Place When You Practice?

The Freedom and Power of Extreme Specificity

Extreme specificity frees you to put all of your attention to the task at hand… and ensures you get maximum benefit out of every second you spend practicing

Action Step:

What is the one thing you can focus on fully during this practice session that, if you made progress on it, you would feel accomplished on the other side?

2 Replies to “Are You All Over the Place When You Practice?”

  1. Thank you for sharing your insights Josh, it’s refreshing and often encouraging to hear you express these struggles we all know too well.

  2. Sending Positive Vibes for your dad. Sage advice Joshua. I’ve found that my playing improves when I practice standing just like when you’re pacing it helps you think musically.
    Now the only time I sit is when I change strings.

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