Take Years Off Your Learning Curve and Reach Your Goals Fast...

Most of the costly mistakes that I’ve made throughout my professional life could’ve been easily avoided if I had had a mentor. 

A mentor who could guide me and answer my questions. 

A mentor who could point out to me my blind spots and biases

A mentor who could keep me accountable, whose effective pressure and encouragement would ensure that I kept my word, followed through on my good intentions, and achieved my goals in a timely manner. 

A mentor who would speed up my rate of implementation and frequency of failure (and, in turn, success). 

A mentor who could provide me clear and pointed feedback about where I’m weak, where I’m strong, and how I can improve upon or correct the things I’m produce.
Seriously… that’s likely the fatal flaw in how I’ve conducted myself thus far in my professional life: 

It’s good to be autodidactic, as I’ve proven myself to be (I’ll pat myself on the back for that a bit, and acknowledge that as one of the reasons why something like the Skill Acceleration methodology even exists in the first place). 

But it’s also a recipe for procrastination, over-analysis, and the tendency to spin my wheels in the same place for far longer than is necessary.

It's High Time to Reach Your Next Level and Become Future-Proof...

Not too many people know this… but in researching, experimenting with, and producing Guitar Acceleration, about 70 percent of what I discovered didn’t make it into the course.

And ever since you’ve been through the course, I’ve had dozens of other breakthroughs that I’m eager to share with you.

I will continue to expand and update the course (I recently added some new material in module one that covers the highest-leverage exercises I have ever come across for developing your Alternate Picking or Economy Picking skills).

And the full-blown Gamification app had been in development for over a year now, and it’s right around the corner from being released (and as a Guitar Acceleration graduate, you’ll get it for free, of course).

But these things take time. 

And I want to serve you right now, on a 1-on-1 level, in real-time.

You’ve no doubt noticed that the world seems to be spinning a lot faster (and breaking down harder) nowadays...

From virtual and augmented reality, the rise of blockchain, artificial intelligence, 5G networks, autonomous vehicles, the Internet of Things, and anti-aging breakthroughs… life is no longer limping along.

We now live in the raging waters of rapid change.

We can either keep up and become invaluable, or can fall behind and become obsolete.

This has been made all the more true in light of the recent pandemic and ensuing economic turmoil.

This is a sobering thing to consider, of course. But it’s always been this way.

As we grow and become more skilled and take on more responsibility, we are either creating value and controlling our destiny, or getting swept away by the chaos.

The difference now is that the pace of change requires more from us in order to adapt.

And I believe that your role as an artist is more vital than it’s ever been.

And it’ll demand us to enhance our focus, to up-level our skills, to optimize our cognitive performance, and unleash our deepest creativity (with guitar and beyond).

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from students that have nothing to do with the guitar. 

People who, like you, want to take their life to the next level.

Society has recently demonstrated many of its vulnerabilities. And tragically, it has left millions of people unemployed.

Future-Proofing yourself is all about acquiring the necessary skills and network to ensure that barring utter armageddon, you remain in good shape, able to thrive and serve to the fullest. 

[Note: I wade into some somewhat weird and admittedly speculative terrain in this video about the role we play as artists. But it’s a decent articulation of what I believe to be the vital role that artists play, if you’re interested in diving deep].

Becoming Future-Proof means being competent in skills that are increasingly in demand such that others will seek you out

I’ve come up with a way to help you achieve this at an accelerated rate.

It starts by giving you a high-speed, direct line into my brain, so to speak.

This level of access has been requested for a long time, and there’s finally technology that can allow it.

It’s a simple way for you to tap into what I am exploring on the frontiers of accelerated learning, skill acquisition, creativity, fanbase building, and future-proof investing.

That way, you can apply my findings to your own playing––and your life––and reap the rewards right away.

You’re one of the first people who came to mind who I feel would be a perfect fit for the program.

Here’s what you get with this Accelerated Access:

Private, on-demand and asynchronous access to me via video chat

Whenever and as often as you’d like, you can send me a video message of anything you want. 

Once a week, I will send you a personal response with feedback, perspective, solutions, insight, suggestions, encouragement, coaching, or whatever else is the most needed and valuable to you.

This is what I always wish I had: a mentor in my pocket that I could reach out to at any time and know that I will get a thoughtful, well-considered, and personal response, trusting that they have my best interest at heart, and are personally invested in my success.

All without the hassle of coordinating schedules, limiting the amount of time that we have together… with the added benefit of always getting the very best of the mentor because they had time to consider my questions and didn’t have to provide a potentially lower-quality answer on-the-spot.

Here are a few suggestions on what sort of messages you can send, though the only limit to what you can send is your imagination:

  • A burning question you have
  • A problem that you are experiencing that needs solving
  • A clip of your playing that you’d like feedback or coaching on
  • Seeking support in a transition or transformation (be it with music, skill development, Bioupgrading, productivity, career, marketing, investing, relationships, etc.)
  • A riff, solo, or song that you are writing that could use some outside perspective, polish, collaboration, or direction (I’d be happy to jam with you to help you build an idea; or even throw down some insane shred as a guest solo, which I can film and share with my followers as an effective way to promote your music and kickstart or further grow your fanbase)

You know enough about my background to know that where I shine most is:

  • Accelerated learning, skill acquisition, and creativity
  • Music (especially hip-hop and guitar, which is where I’ve become a professional in the technical sense)
  • Audience and fanbase-building (I’ve had smashing successes with album, single, and Kickstarter campaigns, I’ve have had viral videos shared by celebrities like Tom Hanks, and have built audiences of over 30K for myself and others in mere months through only a handful of songs)
  • Productivity and habits (my book, Distracted to Death, dives deeper into this)
  • Online marketing and business (from advertising to course creation to product launches; I’ve pulled off 7-figure campaigns (including on that built a $377,863/month subscription in 17 seconds; I’ve built million-dollar businesses overnight using nothing but email and video)

Over the last decade, I’ve consulted a range of clients from ex-CIA agents, Navy SEALs and other Special Forces operators, musicians of all stripes, half-billionaires (which was way weirder than I expected it to be), best-selling authors and speakers, maverick stock traders, health and wellness experts, real estate investors, and more.

I’ve run hundreds of experiments and campaigns and have a solid sense of what works and what doesn’t, and how to do what works faster.

I’ve consistently pulled off what is considered to be nearly impossible, in multiple industries, with limited budgets and time (I even turned a 24-second clip of my guitar playing into $80,000 in 60 days).

  • Bioupgrading and Neurohacking (I’m an investor in the Neurohacker Collective. But more importantly, I’ve lived through the gamut and have explored and experimented heavily to remain physically and mentally fit. I’ve learned a lot here because of my own and my family’s health conditions; my dad survived a tumor that was diagnosed to take him out 20 years ago, my sister collided with a train, suffering permanent brain trauma but lived to tell the tale, my older brother was days away from death because of a rare stomach disease and has gone on to be a 5-time finalist in American Ninja Warrior, my wife has struggled with heavy metal toxicity for half her life and still managed to slay it on the drums, and I’ve had to deal with severe and chronic tendinitis.)
  • Trading and investing (in cryptocurrency in particular––which is where I turned a tiny account into a quarter million in less than a year. And that’s just scratching the surface… I’ve developed ways to make a killing in the market even if you only have $1,000 to work with)
  • Writing and publishing (this is the backbone of my entire career)
  • Relationships (I have been with my wife for 17 glorious years, and we have thrived through almost any tumult you can name)

That’s a long (and incomplete) list… but you can take your pick; I am a resource for you.

The choice is yours, but you get to reach out to me as much as you’d like and once per week you’ll receive a private video response.

You also get an epic bonus…

BONUS: All Access Pass (Access to All of my Current and Future Courses)

Here are some of the upcoming courses you’ll get immediate access to:

* Artist Acceleration > How to rapidly grow a fanbase and make music your life

* Crypto Acceleration > How to make your money work for by trading and investing in blockchain technology in an easy, minimal, and stress-free way

* Drum Acceleration > Accelerate the acquisition of skills on the drums with the illustrious JP Bouvet (who currently drums for Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde, Tosin Abasi, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Nuno Bettencourt) 

* Production Acceleration > Up-level your ability to produce music and video by working with me and the “man behind the curtain” who helped bring Periphery’s newest album to life and currently works with companies including Disney, Sony, and Netflix

* Bass Acceleration > Accelerate the acquisition of skills on the bass with world-class players and instructors (to be announced)

* Rap Acceleration > For those who dig hip-hop or want to dramatically up-level their wordsmithing and communication skills, this course is a game-changer

* Creativity Acceleration > Creativity is an essential (and trainable) skill. This course details proven ways to improve your creativity on a neurological level; enhance your ability to create from scratch, generate novel ideas and solutions out of nothing, be able to think laterally and innovate in music, work, and life

* Productivity Acceleration > Turn your ideas into a reality by dialing in your habits, routines, and rituals to maximize your output while freeing up your time. This course promises to make you at least three times as productive than you already are

* Learning Acceleration > If you’re ready to finally and quickly learn music theory (or anything else) once and for all; this course is for you. In the spirit of Jim Kwik, the Superhuman Academy, Barbara Oakley, and Benedict Carey; you’ll learn how to learn anything faster and retain the knowledge for life

* Marketing Acceleration > How to market your products and services to create maximum value and leave a lasting positive impact on the planet

What's it worth?

All of these courses will have a format, structure, and quality comparable to what you experienced with Guitar Acceleration (though I always strive to make everything I do better than what I’ve done before).

All of these courses have an estimated public price of $197 – $497 (though in the case of Marketing Acceleration and Crypto Acceleration, the price might be as high as $1,997, since a higher price helps to filter out those who aren’t necessarily in a position to apply what they will learn within the courses).

That means that this All Access Pass has a value of at least $5,000.

But it should be said that all of these courses are also intended to provide 10x the value of what people pay (I would have it no other way).

Some courses will take longer than others to produce and publish (especially the ones where I am coordinating with collaborators).

But as long as you are an Action Acceleration member in good-standing, you get access to these courses the moment they are ready, for free.

(Note: If for any reason you decide to cancel your Action Acceleration membership after the first 30 days, you will still receive free access to your choice of any single upcoming course, though you will not receive access to all courses if you are no longer an Action Acceleration member).

And here’s the best part about this bonus:

As an Action Acceleration member, you will get access all of these programs for free, regardless of what they cost, as soon as they are released.

Plus you get a Buddy Pass.

That means you can give a friend, bandmate, family member, or collaborator complimentary access to any one of these courses.

This makes for an epic gift for the people in your life. And installing skills with others makes it more motivating and more fun. 

Here's what to do next...

I have never offered this level of immediate and intimidate access to me, except to my business clients (who pay $15,000 per month or $1,000 per hour).

Conservatively speaking, if I spend an hour per week watching your videos and responding, a good faith estimate of the video coaching alone is worth $4,000 per month given my hourly rate.

But you get to choose what it’s worth and how much your are willing to pay.
When you fill out your application (below), if I feel like we’d be a good match for working together and your offer is reasonable – then we’ll be off to the races at a price that you choose.
This is one of the best ways I can think of to put things in your hands, to make this level of access affordable, and eliminate some of the ambiguity that comes from knowing that my marketing consulting rate ought not necessarily be the same as my personal coaching rate (because it depends on your goals). 
Mentorship like this is of inestimable value. And the truth is: half of the value is in paying for the privilege to have access to that mentor. 

Of course, most coaches out there simply don’t fit the bill. And it’s possible I don’t fit the bill for you, either. You have to respect my experience and insight in order to want to invest in it, let alone heed it. 

Most of the things that I’ve made were ready to be shared with the marketplace long before I actually launched them. 

In fact, I would argue that, on average, I took at least twice as long to launch than was necessary. Without a mentor working with me on this level, I’ve effectively cut in half my chances to succeed, or learn from my failures (which, if properly assimilated, will lead to further success down the road). 

Having a mentor can speed that up for you. Dramatically. And that’s what this is about.

I am committed to you transforming, reaching the next level, and developing future-proof skills.

And, of course, due to the heavy demands this level of access puts on my time, spots for the Accelerated Access program are extremely limited.

To make sure you get the very best of me, I can only accept a few folks into the program. You’re first to see this, but spots will fill up fast. I’m sending this invitation out to over 2,000 Artist Acceleration alumni.

As soon as these spots fill up, I will not be offering this level of access to me at any point in the foreseeable future. The reason for that is simple:


I want to serve you at the highest level of my ability and make your participation in this program one of the best decisions you have ever made.

This will require a lot of my time, energy, and care. That’s why there is limited availability. The spots will fill up fast, and I have no plans to open them back up in the future.

If you return to this page after the spots have been claimed, you will be forwarded to a page where you can hop on the waiting list in case any spots open up in the future.

But there are no guarantees that that will happen. I’m letting you know this now so that if you are on the fence or having a hard time making a decision, you have all the information you need to make your next move wisely.

Do what’s best for you and not what anyone else tells you to do, including me.

I’m inviting you to ask yourself if you’re ready.  

And if you feel nervous; that’s a good sign. 

If you feel uncertain; that’s good, too. 

It’s the sign that you’re about to stretch outside of your comfort zone and grow. 

It’s a sign that you’re about to plow past the Resistance that holds you back from realizing and unleashing your best self. 

It’s a sign that you’re ready to make a long-overdue change.

Trust yourself, not me. Trust yourself, not the herd (or what you’ve heard). 

If you’re feeling called to step up and commit to this process; now is your moment. Stop reading this, click the button below to apply, and let’s get this show on the road.